Dupliskate Skate Sharpening
Dupliskate has been the industry leader in skate sharpening
for over 30 years. With Dupliskate, sharpening skates is
effortless and consistent. Retailers, Olympic figure skaters
and professional hockey players all rely on Dupliskate
for their skate sharpening needs.
Dupliskate is proud to be a preferred supplier to the NHL
  • Accurate Hollow GrindDupliskate machines make it easy to achieve an accurate hollow grind for sharpening skates
  • Safe for operatorNew RS6 Pro safety standards ensure skate sharpening operator does not come into contact with spinning grinding wheel
  • Dust Control System that Exceeds Government StandardsDC-3 collects dust and debris so skate sharpening operator can effectively produce mirror like finishes with the skate sharpening machine
  • Ease of OperationEasy-to-use Dupliskate skate sharpeners take the potential for human error out of the equation
  • Electronic, Manual or Automatic Skate Sharpening3 ice skate sharpeners available to suit any retailer who is sharpening skates
  • The Best Skate Sharpening ResultsAll Dupliskate skate sharpening machines can achieve a "flat" hollow with the touch of a button
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